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Our Mission

The Department of Elementary Education prepares skilled, transformative educators to teach and become leaders in culturally and linguistically diverse schools. We guide and support educators to develop a pedagogy of caring and cultural responsiveness, and to teach for social justice and equity for children and their families. Our Multiple Subject Credential and Master of Arts programs provide current educational theories, innovative teaching practices, and guided field experiences in diverse schools. The curriculum in the MSC and MA graduate programs reflect current Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), State Standards, and Common Core Standards. The department’s Multiple Subject Credential, including the Bilingual Authorization Programs, certify candidates with their Preliminary Credential to teach in California schools. Our MA programs prepare educational leaders to transform learning environments to support all students’ success academically and socially.


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Elementary Education Faculty 2023

Our Faculty and Staff

Ali Borjian

Ali Borjian

Department Chair, Professor


Dr. Margureite Conrad

Marguerite Conrad

Assistant Professor


Isuaro Escamillia

Isauro Escamilla

Assistant Professor


Diane Garfield

Diane Garfield

Placement and Intern Coordinator


Jisel Iglesias

Jisel Iglesias

Administrative Analyst Specialist


Christy Lao

Christy Lao

Associate Professor


Angela Kollerer

Angela Kollerer

Faculty Advisor for Multiple Subject Credential Program


Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton

Stephanie Sisk-Hilton



Dr. Maria Zavala

Maria Zavala

Associate Professor


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Josie Arce: jarce@sfsu.edu

Dr. Laureen Chew: laureenenator@gmail.com

Dr. Debra Luna: dluna@sfsu.edu

Dr. Carol Langbort: clangbo@sfsu.edu

Dr. Jane Bernard-Powers: jbp@sfsu.edu

Dr. Isabel Quita: quita@sfsu.edu

Dr. Cecelia WAMBACH-SCHMIDT: drwams@sfsu.edu

Student Assistants

Jolie Aban

Jolie Aban

Student Assistant