Curriculum & Instruction MA

The MA in Curriculum & Instruction is a continuation of the SFSU Multiple Subjects Credential Program.  This concentration is only available to students who have completed the San Francisco State Credential program no more than three years from the time they begin MA coursework.

1. Can I start the MA EED without a credential?

  • You must have successfully completed all requirements for the MSC Credential as part of the SFSU MSC program. 

2. How does the combined MA EED and Credential work?

  • 12 credits from your credential coursework will be applied toward the MA degree.  You must then complete 18 units of additional MA coursework, including a final project.
  • Coursework includes:
    • EED 769 Practitioner Research in Elementary Settings
    • EED 765 Elementary School Science
    • ISED 797 Seminar in Educational Research
    • 6 units (generally 2 classes) electives chosen with approval from advisor
    • EED 895 Field Study (final project for degree)

3. How long will it take me to complete the MA degree? 

  • Upon completion of the SFSU Multiple Subjects Credential Program, students may complete the MA degree in three part time semesters (6 credits per semester) or one full time and one part time semester (12 credits/ 6 credits).  All courses are held in the late afternoon/ evening   to allow MA students to continue their studies while working as teachers.

4. How do I apply to the MA in Curriculum & Instruction?

  • Step 1: apply to the University through CSU Mentor (current MSC students: the application fee will be waived as you are applying for a change of program only; please contact the Elementary Education Office for details)
  • Step 2: complete a departmental application: EED Department Application Form
  • Current MSC students may make the following substitutions to the application packet:
    • You may submit an academic paper completed as part of the MSC program in lieu of a new statement of purpose; please note that your submission is used to evaluate your academic writing skills.
    • You may submit a formal evaluation from your Master Teacher in lieu of one letter of recommendation
    • One letter of recommendation MUST come from a professor who taught you an academic class as part of the MSC program.  They may complete the shortened faculty recommendation form and submit it directly to the Elementary Education Office

5. Who can I contact if I have questions?

  • If you are a current MSC student, please set up an appointment with your advisor.
  • If you have graduated from the MSC program within the past three years and are interested in completing the MA in Elementary Education
    Please contact: Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton at


If you have questions about the admissions process please contact the Elementary Education Department at (415) 338-1562 or